Thani-Oladunjoye Older Peoples Care Center

The Legacy

Pa Nurudeen Alao Thani

Pa Nurudeen Alao Thani was born in Epe on the 31st of August 1902, to Mr. Sanni Adedeji Oladunjoye and Madam Seliat Sanni Oladunjoye – (Nee Buraimoh Olukotun).

Pa Sanni Oladunjoye was the step-son of Chief Jegede, while Madam Seliat was daughter to Chief Buraimoh Olukotun, the 1st Otun Balogun of Epe. Despite his background as a product of prominent Epe personalities, Pa Muhammed Nurudeen Alao Thani, also popularly known as Nurudeen Oladunjoye, cut a niche for himself as a scholar, teacher, civil servant, politician and a great philanthropist. He attended the Muslim School Epe, the first and only school in town, where Sanni was pronounced as Thani. He was said to be one of the best students.

Oba M.D. Kassim, former Olu Epe of Epe, recalled that Pa Bello, the father of Chief M.A. Bello, Pa Thani and himself were the best students in the class, setting the benchmark of excellence among their peers and was the yardstick that determined the performance of their student class.

Pa Thani started teaching in the school after his education there. He left to start work at the Forestry Department, where he rose to be one of the first indigenes of Lagos State to attain the rank of a Ranger. He retired in 1953, and soon after started business as an importer and exporter of goods, from various countries including China and Norway. He imported fabrics, suitcases and other goods from China. He ordered stockfish from Norway, however, for the paucity of funds, he would have expanded his business operation. We can only imagine the height he could have reached if he had moved to Lagos, if God had willed it.

As expected he got married midway into his working career. His first marriage to Alhaja Obedat was said to be one in town at that time. He later married Madam Saudatu (Nee Iposu) and Madam Sidikatu from Igbesa. They all remained faithful and loyal to him till he died in 1994. Though a disciplinarian, inside him lied genuine and great love for his children. One of us narrated how he could barely look at Baba’s face out of fear to demand anything but was surprised when in boarding school, he requested items, which were sent to him in two-folds. A lover of education, he had a great desire to ensure all his children had university education.

He was a pillar of support to his extended family on both sides. Very responsive to the cause of all and sundry. Echoes of his good deeds keep resonating around every family gathering. He was the Olori Ebi of Jegede Descendant Union until his passing. The position is now occupied by Alhaji Rasak Jegede who has been following his footsteps both in good deeds and age, he is over 90 years old now and baba died at the age of 92. Although the maternal Grandson of Chief Olukotun of Oke Balogun Epe, his words was bond to everyone. He touched the lives of the old and young and as a mark of respect, many named their children after him. Papa and late Alhaji Chief Wahab Adio-Oduola (Balogun Adini of Epe) were twin brothers within the family and it is gratifying to note that their children are following their footsteps to keep the Olukotun family flag flying. The presence of the son of late Alhaji Oduola, Alhaji Chief Akanni Adio-Oduola, The Mogaji Ngeri of Epe (Prime Minister) is a testimony of how his legacy has contributed in no small way in the building of this facility and making this day a reality.

A contented and reserved person, he refused to request for favors, even from beneficiaries of his favors. He contributed notably, to the social and political developments of Epe. He was the Local Chairman of National Emancipation league, the party that fielded Late Chief Alhaji Nasiru Egberoungbe, as its candidate for Epe Federal constituency in the 1959 General Election. He was always a wise counsel and guardian. His death was compared to that of Martyr.

Above all, Papa was very close to his creator with great Iman, he did not allow any set back in his life to dampen his faith. You could hardly find him in despair. Even in sorrow he would still endeavor to make people joyful. He was once Vice chairman of Executive Committee of the 1st Epe Central Mosque Oke Balogun and among the founding fathers of Popooba Central Mosque Epe. A prayer warrior, Almighty Allah ensured victory for him against his antagonist.

On the 3rd of September 1994 he woke up for his morning prayer, and found it difficult to rise up, as attempts by his wives to lift him up failed. Late Alhaji Kassim Oniileiyan, one of his closest confidants, was called upon. He advised baba to keep lying on the bed and they both started Zikr, (praise of God) together, when Baba answered the call of his creator. He was buried the same day. May Almighty Allah forgive him of all his sins, bless him and grant him. Alijana Fridau.

Thani Oladunjoye

Tunde Thani, the managing director of the well-known Explicit commutations agency. Despite his upper hand in the field of advertising, he has chosen to go on the path of giving back just as much as he has received.


The modern Nigerian society and economy is without abundant social safety nets for the elderly and retired. As a result of this, many are left to be catered for by their offspring, and close relatives. The foundation is set to launch this year, 2020.

It is located in Epe.

It is dedicated to providing medical services and consultations to old people that come by.

The foundation has made available leisurely activities to keep the old ones entertained and relaxed during their visits.

More than a philanthropist, Thani Oladunjoye’s desire to give back to the community birthed the creation of the Thani-Oladunjoye Old People Care Center.

Deep in the heart of Epe Local Government, Lagos State the facility caters to the needs of the aged and elderly in and around Epe axis.