Thani-Oladunjoye Older Peoples Care Center

Our Story

The Thani-Oladunjoye Old People’s Center (Elderly Care Center) was birthed from the great desire to cater for humanity and ultimately, give back to society.

Many people in the general community care for an elderly relative having welfare shortages and with a chronic physical condition and this can place physical, emotional and financial burden on their career and themselves.

The foundation and richness of every society is enclosed in the Aged, and so it is important that we nurture and protect these gems that are among us.

The Thani-Oladunjoye Old Peoples care center is an important part of the fabric of the society, setup to reinstate and establish the importance of the aged, showing care and support at a time of vulnerability.


To enable the creation of Age-Friendly communities where older persons have unrestricted access to quality eldercare and enjoy improved physical mental and general wellbeing in their Golden years.


To passionately use our resources, deploying tools that provide comfort and joy for the elderly, while bringing relief to their children and family members through our eldercare support system.


We host a variety of daily and special activities every week.